Me on crutches, then will swagtron, then my first göner.

Hi, I am Sam Frons, someone who travels a lot and can’t walk long distances because of repeated fencing injuries, skiing accidents, and falling while under the influence.

When I moved to San Francisco, I ordered a bike. It got lost in hurricane Irene. I travel back home to nyc often, and the night before I was set to travel I had a bad tumble on the steep hill where i lived at the time. My landlord luckily had crutches. When i got to the airport, they had a wheelchair which felt like overkill but was faster than crutches. Then in nyc, I tried my friend’s swagtron and fell in love. so I bought one.

I loved it despite its noisy motor, low battery life, weight. Then one night, while going Duboce between Divisadero and Alpine (a hill swagtron couldn’t climb) it hit a bump, the impact broke the throttle and break toggle right off, I planted face first and hurt my knee all over again. My confidence in swagtron was gone, but I was determined to find a better e-scooter but they were all aesthetically offensive and overpriced and their performance lacked. I knew there was better. so I found a manufacturer to get a scooter using the best materials with better wheels and brighter lights making a prototype of a scooter that would keep me safe and get me to my flights on time.

Then people kept asking me about the scooter, and it slowly dawned on me that getting e-scooters everywhere has many benefits and applications. That's why we are here today.